Property managers consider the homes, apartments, and condos they buy, sell, renovate, or rent out to be financial investments. It only makes sense that, no matter the stage of your property management and development, you want a solid security and surveillance system in place to protect those investments. Assured Systems & Solutions CCTV is here to help meet that need with security cameras for property management businesses in India.

The Assured Systems & Solutions team can strategize security around the needs of your property sites and tailor their plan to the distinct needs of different properties. High-end finished properties have different security needs than house flips still under renovation.

Let Assured Systems Solutions CCTV be your security management partner as you continue to cultivate and protect your property investments.


There’s nothing worse than nightmare renters. If someone staying in one of your properties for a week- long vacation decides to go on a rampage and trash the place, you want to make sure you have it on record for your own protection. This doesn’t mean having invasive surveillance. But there are ways to exercise surveillance tools in order to possess some measure of proof that an offending party was present in a specific room or property during the time the damage occurred. This video evidence can be an extra layer of protection for you as a business if you have to make a claim or take legal action.


Luxury homes and apartments that you’re trying to sell, lease, or rent are far more appealing whenever they have effective security

already installed. Potential buyers or tenants want to know that they’re investing in a place where they feel comfortable and secure. In addition, effective grounds security can be a great way to deter potential thieves from breaking in, even when no one is home.

Incorporating surveillance into the grounds security of your properties is another way that you can protect your investments.


If you’re uncertain about how to best approach effective surveillance and security technology for your properties, let Assured System & Solutions be your guide. Our team of security solutions experts can make sure that your property investments stay protected. Contact our team today to learn more!



How We Work Here

  • Infrastructure Setup

    Establish power, cabling, and network connections.

  • Camera Installation

    Precise camera mounting and system connection.

  • Configuration & Testing

    Detailed configuration and rigorous testing.